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Trauma Center Development & Improvement

If you're looking to transform your hospital into a trauma center or need help with enhancing your existing facility, let TCS help you. We work with hospitals nationwide to implement best practices in trauma care. We specialize in the following areas of trauma center development and improvement:

Gap Analysis

We will provide a comprehensive Gap Analysis to ensure that your facility has all the needed components to improve or launch a successful Trauma Program. We will then provide a strategic action plan, using best practices, for implementation.

Trauma Program Development

We will provide a comprehensive Gap Analysis of your current facility and programs. We will outline what service lines need to be built or improved for a successful trauma program launch. We will provide coaching and mentoring to your Trauma Program Manager and Trauma Medical Director to ensure successful implementation of the strategic plan.

Performance Improvement & Patient Safety

Inadequate Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Program (PIPS) is the number one reason facilities fail their site survey. This is an area of expertise for TCS. We can assist you with building a robust PIPS master plan with strategies for monitoring, assessment, and management directed at improving care. 

Meeting & Maintaining Best Practices

Over the years, best practices, workflow, and essential procedures have developed to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency. The government requires your facility to fulfill these requirements before rendering patient services. These bureaucratic measures may not be sexy, but they are necessary for your emergency room to provide effective therapy for trauma.

Not only must your organization meet the requirements, but you must maintain them. When this is challenging for your facility, turn to our consulting firm for the help you need. We look over your processes, find out what needs to be done for compliance, and coach you through the process.

Call us to schedule a consultation about how we can help your medical facility.

Revenue Assessment

Is your facility leaving money on the table regarding trauma billing/charging? Many facilities do not maximize reimbursement for trauma care. Our experts can assess your billing/charging practices to ensure that you are maximizing your reimbursement. We will provide you with knowledge, materials, and a plan to build healthy building practices.

Trauma Registry

Trauma registry data is the key driver to your PIPS program. It is the backbone of all aspects of your trauma program. Also, all trauma centers must participate in data aggregation at the local, state, and national levels. We have the expertise to assist you with best practices related to all aspects of data collection, validation, and interpretation.

Complying with the Requirements

These days, it is not enough to have qualified doctors and nurses saving lives in your emergency room. The paperwork matters, too. Unless your facility complies with federal regulations, your skilled medical professionals will not be able to perform effective trauma therapy.

We are here to help you. Our company has more than 30 years of experience in the business. Our experts know how to meet the stringent requirements from the American College of Surgeons Committee on trauma therapy. Let us work with your team to implement the processes and procedures that ensure you can continue the critical work of saving lives.