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Emergency Dept Consulting Services

Data Analysis:

We will analyze your data to solve problems in workflow, design and delivery of care, ultimately decreasing wait times, left without being seen statistics and other measured metrics.

Improving High Impact Workflows:

We will provide strategies to improve workflows aimed at improving metrics specific to emergency department efficiency.  We will work with your team to hardwire processes that will improve front end, middle and back end process of emergency care.

Optimizing Triage Strategies:

We will provide your facility with strategies to address patient needs at triage

Utilizing a spilt flow concept to ensure the needs of every patient is met with efficiency and attention to resources needed for comprehensive and safe care.  Implement process for immediate medical screening exams and vertical care for lower acuity patients.

Improving patient experience:

Well-developed processes for patient flow will decrease wait times and provide timely access to care.  This will improve the image of your facility and improve patient experience scores.  Excessive delays are the most important factor influencing patient satisfaction.