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Emergency Dept Consulting Services

Ensuring Success with Emergency Consulting Services in Missouri

There are two distinct sides to emergency room medicine. One side saves lives. This includes the doctors and nurses and the high-tech medical equipment. The other side oversees the business of medicine. This is far less romantic, but without careful attention, the business side can derail the good your medical professionals accomplish daily in the ER. 

To ensure you’re dotting the I’s and crossing all T’s, look to Trauma Consulting Services LLC for emergency consulting services in Missouri. We specialize in working with emergency rooms and trauma centers. Specifically, we help them meet the metrics, improve workflow, handle triage more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction.

Increasing Efficiency

The medical professionals are much too busy saving lives to worry about the demands of bureaucracy. This is where our team comes in with consulting services. We objectively review the processes, recommend changes to enhance patient care, increase financial stability, and comply with state and federal rules and regulations. 

There’s a long list of items to tick off one by one to maintain your designation as a trauma center or ER. Our company helps you to do that, despite deficiencies in your site surveys.

Data Analysis

We analyze your data to solve problems in workflow, design, and delivery of care, ultimately decreasing wait times, left-without-being-seen statistics, and other measured metrics.

Improving High-Impact Workflows

We provide strategies to improve workflows aimed at improving metrics specific to emergency department efficiency. We work with your team to hardwire processes to enhance the front-end, middle, and back-end emergency care processes.

Optimizing Triage Strategies

We provide your facility with strategies to address patient needs at triage. Our team uses a split-flow concept to meet the needs of all patients with efficiency and attention to resources needed for comprehensive and safe care. Implement processes for immediate medical screening exams and vertical care for lower acuity patients.

Improving the Patient Experience

Well-developed processes for patient flow decrease wait times and provide timely access to care. This improves the image of your facility and improve patient experience scores. Excessive delays are the most important factor influencing patient satisfaction.