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About TCS

Our consulting services will provide a firm commitment to building solid processes for your facility to achieve or maintain trauma designation/verification. We take pride in excellent patient care, building strong programs that are financially stable, and processes that will benefit your patients and community. .

Meet Our President

Anita Schlenker RN CEN TCRN is the president of our consulting company.  She is an ambitious, focused and confident professional who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to building solid processes that exceed benchmarks and deliver results to stakeholders, clients, and end-users.

She has an extensive background in process development and leadership. Her professional achievements include building strong teams and leaders, building successful processes that have been proven to transform Emergency Department and Trauma Centers into programs that exceed national standards with a focus on quality of care, throughput, patient experience and employee satisfaction.

She holds herself to high standards and has a passion for excellence. She excels at process improvement and implementation of best practices.