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Specializing in Trauma Center and Emergency Department Process Improvement.

At our trauma consulting company, we work will medical centers nationwide to improve processes and mitigate deficiencies for optimal Trauma Program processes.  We specialize in trauma program gap analysis and program launch.  We also aid centers who are struggling to maintain designation/verification due to deficiencies found in their site surveys.

Our consulting company can assist your facility to improve Emergency Department throughput and processes.  We will work with your teams to analyze data to solve problems in work flow, design and delivery of care, ultimately decreasing wait times, left without being seen statistics and other measured metrics. The goal of optimizing your efficiency, ultimately improving patient experience scores and employee satisfaction.

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Are you struggling with maintaining designation / verification?

We are committed to helping trauma centers nationwide to operate effectively and efficiently. We understand the regulatory commitment it takes to build and maintain a successful trauma system. If your facility is struggling with successful re-verification, we can help with any deficiencies and provide a plan and coaching for success. We have over 30 years of industry experience in building strong trauma programs in line with the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma requirements. We can help your facility meet these demanding trauma care standards.


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